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Home Insurance

​​​​​​​Not only is home insurance mandatory when applying for a mortgage, but replacing your home contents or having to do extensive repairs is incredibly costly. Having an affordable, reliable home insurance policy in place ensures that your mortgage application will be successful and that you are protected from excessive expenses in the future. Our mortgage advisors can help you select the best home insurance policy to suit your needs and guide you through the process of filling out all the paperwork.

Type of Home Insurance

Buildings Insurance

This type of insurance covers structural damage to the property. It also sometimes covers fittings, such as light fixtures. You will likely use it in case the property is damaged as the result of a fire, flood or other accident.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance ensures that all the valuables you keep at your property are protected. You will likely use it in the event of a burglary to replace missing or damaged items like electronics, appliances, jewellery or furniture.

With so many options on the market how do I know what kind of home insurance policy I need?

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Look at What They Cover

Home insurance usually protects the property against fire and water damage, many kinds of natural disasters, explosions and gunfire as well as burglary and vandalism.

Book My Mortgage | What They Exclude

Look at What They Exclude

Neglect, extreme weather, and certain pests are some of the more common causes of property damage which are not included in most insurance policies.

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We know what clients need out of a home insurance policy and have seen many of the pitfalls first hand. We are dedicated to helping each client find the right type of cover.

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